Welcome to LIBA Campus, kinniya(srilanka) .We are a creative, innovative and forward-thinking campus. I hope you will find useful information and guidance to choose your study programme with us. Studying at ElC will be an investment of time and energy that will reap benefits for you now and throughout your current or future career.

Our website contains a wide range of useful information about the facilities and programmes offered by  LIBA Campus and outlines the way in which we work in collaboration with world-renowned educational providers.

We assure you that the time spent studying at LIBA CAMPUS will be an invaluable investment in your future, helping you to fulfill your dreams and to develop a promising professional career. We offer high quality education
programmes which are validated, monitored and accredited by the Goverment Our teaching staff are highly-qualified and enthusiastic programmes.

Clearly our presence here in Sri Lanka is of great benefit to local students wanting a high quality education: we offer teaching excellence along with state-of-the-art facilities. LIBA Campus is also an ideal choice for international students wishing to study for a Indiauniversity degree in Sri Lanka. Our fees are a fraction of those in the India and Sri lanka has a comparatively low cost of living. Withdirect flights from many international locations and the Sri Lankan Government being very keen to attract international students, it is now easier to apply and obtain student visas, positioning Sri Lanka as an attractive study destination.

We chose Sri Lanka because the conditions for establishing a high quality educational institution were ideal, including support from the Government. We know there are many students like you, who rightly value the standards of Higher education and wish to study a programme that has been developed and validated within the education



Salabdeen Abdul Hassan
The Director
Liba Campus.